What to look for in a Good Elder Scrolls Online Guide

For people who have loved the Elder Scrolls games for years, but never really got sucked into the MMO craze, Elder Scrolls online can seem a bit intimidating. To help ease the transition from single player fun to MMO awesome, you might Buy eso gold consider picking up an Elder Scrolls online guide. Like all game guides, and ESO guide will give you important tips for getting the most out of your game, but it can also help you understand what to expect from an Elder Scrolls MMO.

To help you get the best game guide for your needs, we’ve put together this list of things to look for in a good Elder Scrolls online guide:

Introduction to play- a good guide won’t just jump into the world, character classes, and what not. It will start by walking you through the play style, controls, character introduction and all the really basic ‘how to play the game’ stuff. In the process, it will give you a good look at the main differences between playing a single player RPG and an MMO

Character building – you definitely want a guide with a strong character building section. This should cover the different classes, skill lines, weapons and armor options, and anything else you’d want to know when you sit down to put together your character. A game guide won’t have as much detail as an ESO class guide, but it will have enough to give you an idea of what your character options are and what you would have the most fun playing

World stuff – maps, descriptions, unique aspects of different countries and origins, what type of quests you can expect in different regions, tips on navigating terrain, and how to get into those secret map spaces can all be found in a good Elder Scrolls online guide

Team play – Team play, from group quests to dungeons, is a big part of MMOs, and one of the two major differences between an MMO and single player. A good game guide will introduce you to how ESO handles team play, tips on how to handle team play, what types of character builds are best suited to which team roles, and other useful information.

PvP – the other major difference, of course, is PvP, or player versus player. One of the nice things about most MMOs is there are strictly defined areas where PvP is or isn’t allowed. A good ESO guide will let you know how Elder Scrolls online handles PvP, what the rules of PvP are, tips for new PvP players, and how to avoid PvP, if it isn’t your thing.

Tie-ins to the other Elder Scrolls games – in addition to everything else, a good Elder Scrolls online guide will be written by people familiar enough with the series to show you how the new MMO relates to the games you are familiar with. Whether it’s pointing out world similarities, the relationship between the game styles, or ways character building hasn’t changed all that much, a game guide should give you a good look at how all the things that made you love Elder Scrolls are still going strong.

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